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Millions Recovered for Our Clients

Our Victories

  • $4 Million Dollar Labor Law Class Action Settlement for Tipped Employees
  • Suspended High School principal completely vindicated, reinstated to his position and awarded more than $300,000 for his costs to defend the charges
  • Charges completely withdrawn by Board in middle of 3020-a hearing and our client is currently seeking compensation for having to defend "frivolous" 3020-a charge.
  • Suspended school principal salary and benefits reinstated in the first ever  Probable Cause Hearing under New York State's newly amended Education Law.  The District failed to show probable cause that physical abuse occurred.
  • Successfully achieved a Temporary Restraining Order allowing our client to continue her master's level education after being wrongfully accused of violating HIPPA. 
  • $250,000 settlement for a former assistant superintendant whose position was improperly abolished.
  • $1.6M for Delayed Delivery Causing Permanent Neurological Birth Injury.
  • $750K for Failure to Diagnose Infection Causing Amputation.
  • $650K for Failure to Diagnose Cancer Causing Death.
  • $415K for Failure to Diagnose Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm.
  • $323,920 Verdict for Negligiently Performing Surgery.
  • $30,000 settlement reached after a successful finding by the EEOC of probable cause that our client was subjected to adverse treatment because of her Fybromyalgia. 

A Sample Title
Don't Take Our Word: Talk to Our Clients
Denny O'Hara / OO&C
"You are a shining star for the legal profession.  Thank you for this second time in my life that I feel proud to be a member of the bar. You presented the case so very well, using the LAW as your primary recourse.  It is refreshing to read a memo that demonstrates the beautiful utility of enacted legislation -- the promotion of justice. You elevate the profession of law."
- Cecilia Nicholas
Mr. Ciotoli did a fantastic job for me.  The timetable he gave me was accurate, the dollar amount was right where he told me to expect, and best of all, he did all the work! After only a single office visit, Steve took over and did everything for me.  He was not only understanding and patient, but compassionate when I needed to vent my frustration. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to any of my friends or family in need of his services.     
              - Deborah Barber
"When I was wrongfully accused and my Union did not want to fight for me, I asked around for the best education lawyer in CNY. I repeatedly received the same answer: Denny O'Hara and the firm of O'Hara, O'Connell & Ciotoli.  Their passion and knowledge is unparalleled, and the results they achieved were outstanding.  I recommend them wholeheartedly."    
              - Dave Zehner
Words cannot express how profoundly grateful I am to attorney Frank Gattuso and his law firm O’Hara, O’Connell & Ciotoli.  Frank is an exceptionally rare breed of lawyer who secured a settlement for me that exceeded my expectations.  From the beginning, Frank demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge, tenacity and compassion.  Frank promptly returned phone calls and email, kept me informed on developments and provided sound legal advice. Bottom line: Frank helped me recover from the most devastating time in my life and I enthusiastically recommend his services and those of O’Hara, O’Connell & Ciotoli.
                                                                                - Diane Rutherford

"Professional. Respectful. Thorough. Reliable. Knowledgeable. Determined. Considerate. These words (and many more too) DESCRIBE you. Successful. Positive Outcome. These words DEFINE you. It is a pleasure knowing you, collaborating with you and TRUSTING you. Thank you so very much for all you have done."       
- Kathleen Dixon
"Mr. Ciotoli was always professional, he always kept us informed of what decision he felt was best for us, but always let us make the ultimate decision. To this day, Mr. Ciotoli keeps in contact with us to make sure that our daughter is doing okay and that we are happy with her current school plan. We highly recommend Mr. Ciotoli for any of your legal representation needs."   
-Michael and Cher VanBrocklin
I will always value Stephen Ciotoli and all at OO&C, not only for the legal expertise but also for their empathy and support. Stephen Ciotoli was more than my lawyer; he was also my advocate.  He gave me the confidence to persevere and, after our victory, to heal and move on. His legal expertise is without question.  But beyond this, his integrity and caring support made all the difference. He represented me during one of my life’s greatest challenges.  Not only did we prevail legally, but he also helped me to restore my self-confidence and move on with my life.  I will always be grateful to him!          
- Kathryn Sever
"Thank you so much. We appreciate your hard work at O'Hara,O'Connel & Ciotoli and your desire to move this matter to the appropriate resolution. Your tenacity paid off and we could not be more pleased!"     
   - Tracy and Ron Ince, Bridgeport, NY
"My lawyer Frank Gattuso is the best lawyer I have encountered in Central New York. I will forever be grateful to him and his law firm O'Hara, O'Connell & Ciotoli. In my difficult times of a Medical Malpractice Suit, he fought for me. Experience, professional, personable and WON."     
        - Susanne Burchell, Chittenango, NY
"Denny O'Hara and all his team at OO&C are the best. They've provided invaluable strategic support for some complex corporate issues. We're lucky to have their assistance and wholeheartedly would endorse them for any corporate work."    
                                                   - Mike Mainthow, Smart City Media